A ready reckoner for travellers !

I am a member of a trainers forum mailing list and saw a post by Krishnan Subramanian (tauruskvs@gmail.com), who sends some awesome information on travel and innocuously gives a title ” maybe useful for frequent fliers ” – Understatement of the year !

I’ve culled from his exhaustive post ! make the most of it !

How to get cheap flights

Internet Travel Site

Student and Budget Specialists


Passports and Visas

Walking and Backpack

3 thoughts on “A ready reckoner for travellers !

  1. thanks ck for popularising what i had culled or rather stumbled upon some obscure site.I was surprised to see this on your blog.regardskv subramanian

  2. CK, this is is a great beginning… your interest and aptitude for yet another subject is well illustrated here. The pictures are all interesting and well-shot. Just one small suggestion: when you compose a frame, try not to keep a large object in the centre. Way to go, buddy!

  3. Pramod,Thanks for visiting and for your comment ! I visited this page only today and was pleasantly surprised to see your comment !Looks like bloggers need to get a wee bit narcissistic (don’t jump to conclusions, Sowmya!) and visit our own pages often !Thanks again Saare !

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