Cook up a Speech Contest !

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Infosys Toastmasters Bangalore conducted an inter club speech contest titled “Cook up a speech” in which speakers had to creatively speak about a vegetable/s.

Here’s a seven minute clipping of the first prize winning speech by Pramod Shankar of
Smedley Speakers Society Toastmasters Club. He had the audience in splits by attributing to the humble pea the shape of Concord aircraft, shape of planet earth, number of planets and so on…

3 thoughts on “Cook up a Speech Contest !

  1. Hi Chendil,A small correction.It is not “attributing the humble pea to” but “attributing to the humble pea”….I hope you dont mind my audacity …. 🙂

  2. “You like people who agree with you and learn from people who don’t”.I am a learner ! Go ahead and be as audacious as possible !Thanks !Most important, it shows atleast there’s someone reading this blog !!!!

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