Hebbal Lake !

Bangalore – Hyderabad Highway. Just before you climb the Hebbal Flyover, take left towards Tumkur. After a longish drive, take a U turn (keep asking for for Hebbal “kare” (lake), hit the ring road and on  your left, you will find a well maintained park near Hebbal Lake. The charges are Rs 10/- per person but birdwatchers and senior citizens get a free entry from 6 am to 9.45 am.

I landed up at 10.30 am and saw an expansive islet with birds perched atop. Wasn’t very lucky. Decided to try again tomorrow at 6am.
 I strolled around to get a close up of  a butterfly and as I moved closer and closer, I was startled by a movement ahead ! Well… it was a young couple hiding behind the bush and er…having some intimate moments !!! Honestly, I wasn’t looking out for this type of birdwatching ! I quietly retreated only find the park scattered with love birds and none of them of the feathered variety !
Hopefully, they won’t land up at 6am tomorrow ! Anyway, watch this space !!

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