Mahatma in Marina

Mahatma Gandhi is in the news today as Vijay Mallya salvages our nation’s pride by bringing home his priceless personal belongings.

Gandhi Statue on Marina beach in Chennai is where celebrities hobnob with humble folks,walking, jogging only to end up in Saravana Bhavan to have a cup of steaming coffee !

I was there on January 30, Mahatma’s death anniversary ! Bapu’s statue was shining with the new found attetion as politicians trooped in to pay their profound but inane tribute to the father of the nation !I am sure he must have prayed silently “Hey Ram, forgive them- they know not what they speak !”




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2 thoughts on “Mahatma in Marina

  1. I m very happy to see you clicking away on every trip of yours. Practice makes us perfect (in most case atleast improve our skill level). I browsed through most of your images since my last visit and I can see many keepers. Congrats.

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