3 thoughts on “JRD Tata on humor

  1. CK Sir, for some reason, I have faked all these years pretending to under the meaning of “laughing at ourself”. What does it really mean. Does it mean considering yourself unimportant and a fool. Its hard to imagine.. your thoughts CK sir.

  2. Ravi,Thanks for dropping by. I feel you will be able to laugh at yourself only if you a strong sense of self esteem. It’s all about taking your work seriously and not yourself !However, if self deprecating humor is overdone, people will begin to believe that you are an idiot !I don’t know whether I’ve confused or clarified but here’s a quote worth pondering over !”A sense of imagination was given to man to comfort him for what he is not and a sense of humor, to console him for what he is !”

  3. Hello sir, I think I will learn it with time. I understood one thing from you. That is not to overdo self deprecation. I have heard Tony Robbins. He hardly does it, it at all he does, its very mid. I am a fan of his too 🙂

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