Ketti Campsite – My father’s dream comes true after 30 years !

Thirty years ago, my father Mr K Thangavelu, then a senior officer with the Southern Railways visited Ooty, a renowned hill station with his colleagues. He noticed an enchanting spot behind Ketti Railway station and thought it would be a great idea to develop it into a camp site for the Southern Railway Bharat Scouts and Guides. He was active in the Scouts movement as well.

And then, with limpet like tenacity, he pursued with the establishment until his retirement in 1987. Nothing moved. He continued to pester them for some years and then gave up. He passed away early this year.

And, last month, my sister Bharathi, a President Girl Guide winner herself got a call from Mr Carmelius, AGM Southern Railway and Chief Commissioner SRBSG inviting her for the inauguration of a permanent camp site at Ketti. Yes, the Railway Board had FINALLY sanctioned the project.

He also informed her that a log cabin would be named after my father !

Mr K Thangavelu IRSE, former Chief Engineer/ Construction,Southern Railway, Madras ( CHENNAI) and State Secretary Southern Railway Bharat Scouts and Guides

Some of the officers who had worked with my father recalled how people oriented he was as a boss and spoke fondly about the passion with which he went about doing his work

The General Manager,Mr Deepak Krishan, in his speech mentioned that although he had never met my father, he was moved to know that an officer was still being remembered 20 years AFTER retirement !

Thank you officers of the Southern Railway !Especially Mr Carmelius and Anbanna ! It may be a small gesture for you but it means so much to us ! We will remember this forever ! More Power to you !

Some more pics !

7 thoughts on “Ketti Campsite – My father’s dream comes true after 30 years !

  1. Thanks for visiting the blog Malora !I just can't describe my feelings !Once again, three cheers to Indian Railways !

  2. How I wish your father had lived a little longer, seen his dream come true…I hope he is smiling at the development from wherever he is resting now…:) Congratulations to you and to him

  3. Very interesting! Did not know of an association between the Bharat Scouts and Guides, and a Railway.Sometimes unexpectedly in the midst of this hustle and bustle of life, one encounters a precious drop of the milk of human thoughtfulness. Congratulations to you and your sister and the whole family, Chendil.

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