Ranganathitu Bird Sanctuary

So near yet so far !

In my thirty plus years of existence in Bengaluru, I’ve been to Mysore SO MANY TIMES but not once did I take a detour to this world famous sanctuary and a town steeped in heritage – Sri Ranganathswamy temple and Tipu Sultan’s abode!

Well, it was a ‘jatka’ that made me dash off to Ranganthitu where Crocodiles and Pelicans break bread together !

A photographer’s delight ! I’m talking about those armed with DSLRS and protruding lenses – oh to catch a close up shot of a crane feasting on a fish- happening right in front of you but there’s little justice you can do witha camera phone.

You get a boat ride for fifteen minutes, going upclose to the birds totally unaffected by the gawking tourists.

But, what a sight !

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