Melkote !

Sacred. Scenic. Splendid.
Also known as Thirunarayanapuram, Melukote is a must-visit for devout Sri Vaishnavas as it is steeped in heritage with 6th century saint Ramanuja’s association. The irony, however, is when self imposed guides talk more about Padayappa and Guru shooting spots rather than the hoary tradition.
Melukote, a sleepy little town that winds up at 8pm gets active during Vairamudi Seva. It attracts trekkers and photography enthusiasts. 
The Melkote Iyengar.
Sculptures like this adorn the pillars 

First glimpse of Yoga Narasimha temple.

Out here in staunchly vegetarian Melkote, I feel safe ! 

A typical house in Melkote


Subbanna Mess. Pristine Puliyogare. Authentic Iyengar meal. Don’t miss their rasam. Safe bet. Don’t ever try to step into any other mess and get into a mess 🙂

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