Kochi Biennale

Kochi Muziris Biennale – An art extravaganza spread over four months across Fort Kochi.http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js

I am not a connoisseur nor have any pretense of being an art appreciator, but yes I pay my tribute with my cellphone camera hoping it would help an art lover. 
As you walk towards the venue a small curio shop welcomes you with this sampler 🙂

A ₹100 ticket will ensure your entry across six locations starting with Aspinwall house. I could cover only this venue and here are some clicks.
Delhi based artist Madhusidhanan’s ‘ Logic of Disappearance ‘ charcoal drawings 

Porus and Rao’s Teddy Universe 

Nikhil Chopra’s prison cell creation – Le Perl Noire – Black Pearl

K M Vasudevan Namboodiri 

Pepper Tent by Franesco Clement 

Navjot Altaf- Mary wants to read a book

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