Russell Market Walk – Bangalore

Bangalore. Shivajinagar. Russel Market. An iconic age old bustling market. Survived devious methods to destroy it because of its phenomenal real estate value.
I signed up with for a market walk with the knowledgeable food blogger Ms Vidya Lakshmi as our guide. 
With just three of us the walk was leisurely and punctuated with interesting titbits by our guide.
Unhurried was really a unhurried trip down.
Thanks Vidya for an interesting tour !
At the entrance of the busy market area stands the Bascilca of Our Lady of Health, known as Arokyamatha or St Mary’s Church.
Legend has it that when the Great Plague broke out in Bangalore, people of all faiths flocked to what was then a thatched roof Church. Miraculously within a short while the disease had been wiped out.
Today the Church attracts thousands of devotees attending mass in seven languages throughout the day.

Just outside the Church, a frenzy of colourful vendors !

Rusk anybody ?

We sight the dome of Russel Market !

Fibre rich Palm Prouts ( Panam Kizhangu in Tamil) just outside the market

Adams is a century old outlet which till today rents out kitchen utensils for weddings and functions.

A variety of dry fruits, dates, nuts from all over the world. Their range is truly astounding !

Dragon fruits

Lotus roots !

Chinese cabbage

Display of pumpkins and tomatoes !

What a catch ! Just outside the market is a bustling area for seafood- fish, crab, prawns…

A cute procession of ducklings !

An 86 year old bakery run by the forth generation of owners, known for its delectable cakes, salt biscuits, among other pastries !

Mr Anganna Nadar started this bakery with the help of a British lady who taught him the nuances of baking.

Check out this tea centre for their speciality – chocolate tea !

Iranian Samosa. A mouthwatering dish distinctly different from Gujarati samosa. What gives it the unique flavour is the greens they put inside

Before we say bye, a view of the imposing Russel Market !

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