Rosary Church Shettihalli near Hassan – an offbeat mystical destination !

Rosary Church, Shettihalli near Hassan.
French missionaries built this church in 1860 on the banks of the Hemavathi.
In 1960 the government built a dam in Gorur to channelise the river for irrigation in neighbouring districts.
And in the process many villages were submerged including Shettihalli.
While the villagers relocated, this double centurion church stands still bearing  a mute testimony to the ravages of monsoon. 
When you visit Shettihalli during monsoons, the church is submerged and when the waters recede, parts of the church are revealed and it is a breathtaking sight.
I could walk right upto and into the ruins.
Unfortunately it has become a den for gamblers during daytime. 
An offbeat, surrealistic getaway ! 
20 kms from Hassan.
When you plan your Hassan- Belur-Halebid trip, take this detour.
And the best time to visit is early mornings or early evenings.

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