Birding around Hoskote lake

Hoskote is an industrial town, 21 kms from Bangalore on Old Madras road.
Dakshina Pinakini river runs through the town and a catchment area is referred as Hoskote lake. 
Unlike Bellandur and Varthur water bodies this lake is not yet sullied with enviro waste.
And I was thrilled to learn Hoskote municipality imposes a fine of Rs 500 if any vendor/ retailer uses plastic in any form. 
A good spot for birders and my search revealed two excellent blogs on the lake –
Followed up by browsing thru Sangeeta’s blog

Both the blogs are exhaustive with clear directions with an amazing array of captures.
I couldn’t match their variety but it was worth spending a morning by Hoskote lake.
Here are some random clicks.

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