Walking thru Old City – Hyderabad – Rounding it off with breakfast at Govinda Tiffins

I woke up early today (5AM) as I had to check out by 6. And till 12.30 PM, the thought of waiting at the airport for my flight to Bangalore was daunting.
I then came acros a blog Aadab Hyderabad http://fourtowers.blogspot.in/2013/07/mahboob-chowk-to-purana-pul.html which opened my groggy eyes to the possibility of sauntering around the old city starting from Charminar. 
I thank Madhu Gopalan for authoring an excellent blog and a great idea.
I decided to follow the same trail and ended up with Charminar – Mehboob Chowk – Mitti ka Sher – Govind Tiffins – Purana Pul.
You can’t imagine wading through the busy lanes during business hours competing with people, autorickshaws and assorted animals.
It is best to start by 6 AM and wind up by 8.30 with breakfast at the heavenly Govind Tiffins.
Here is a photo tour 

After a sizzling cup of chai and Osmania biscuit in Nimrah Cafe, diagonally opposite the Charminar, I started my walk towards Mecca Masjid.

This cutie was the cynosure of all eyes much more than the fluttering pigeons !

On one of the minarets of the Masjid.

I had to retrace my step towards the bangle bazar street which leads to Mehboob Chowk.
I wonder how people get into this narrow door !

You can call this the jewellers adda !

This jewellery outlet just had its opening the previous day.

Watching me clicking some more f the locals came up and asked me to cover an ‘antique piece’ Mr Fareed. He is alleged to have 18 wives and 34 children ! He was a sport who waved away his ‘jobless’ friends !

I was intrigued with Mitti ka Sher ( more on this later)

Lock and key maker. There are many like him near Mehboob Chowk. But he’s the first to open shop by 7.30 AM.

First signs of Sankranti as balloon vendors start pumping gas and get ready

I was surprised when I walked thru some bylines. I had imagined the Charminar and surrounding areas to be predominantly Muslim populated. But entire streets were getting decked up rangoli.

I wanted to get a top view of the  the entire lane but was hesitant to ask those living on the first floor as it was so early.

Mr Jabbar runs an electroplating unit in the vicinity and was happy to pose with his work.

The highlight and a burrp filled finale was accidentally walking into the iconic GOVND TIFFINS.
After some serious googling came to know this is an iconic joint serving a wide variety of dosas apart from the standard idly vada combo.
Location: After Miitti ka Sher walk right down and you will come across a Venkateswara or Balaji temple. Diagonally opposite is a stainless steel cart with bold letters GOVIND TIFFIN written all over.
Hygiene is taken care of by serving all items on a rinsed plantain leaf. No stain filled plates or butter papers !
Don’t miss this place. The walk is well worth it !

The genial owner who chided me for not allowing him to plop dollops of butter on my dosa !

And finally, I sighted the Mitti ka Sher ( MUD TIGER ?). No one seems to know the significance but it is being promoted by Telengana Tourism as a MUSTVISIT area.

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