Bonalu 2016 – Secunderabad – Sri Ujjaini Mahankali temple

Bonalu is a unique thanksgiving festival to Goddess Mahankali and celebrated with gaiety in the twin cities of Hyderabad- Secunderabad.

A 19th century legend has it that when the cities were struck with the dreaded plague, a military battalion stationed there prayed to Mahakali to save the city with a vow to build a replica of the famed Sri Ujjaini Mahankali temple in the city.

And every year, women carry ‘ghatams’ or pots on their heads in procession to offer ‘Bonalu’, short form of ‘bhojanam’, food in Telugu.

For four Sundays during July- August, the festival takes place with pomp,pageantry,revelry,devotion,discipline and gaiety.

I was lucky to be in Secunderabad on Sunday the 24th of July.

Here are some captures.

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