ALANKAR IDLY POINT – Best Breakfast in Warangal !


Diagonally opposite Reliance Store in Alankar area is a small, nameless,barely noticeable joint that has acquired cult status for dishing out Idlies !

8AM. Crowds throng around a table with plates covered by butter paper spread across.

An assistant briskly pours chutney on all the plates and sprinkles ‘podi’ or chilli powder and ghee over it, giving it the proprietary and legendary taste.

Meanwhile, the ‘idly master’ pulls out hot,fluffy idlies off the ‘tray’ and each plate is assigned three idlies and in a moment, the table is cleaned out!

And the next batch waits eagerly for this process to repeat !

It is an interesting ritual that takes place every day.

And, during peak hours, ‘parcel’ or takeaways are summarily suspended as “standing customers have to be fed first….”

Cherished and hailed by insiders, this idly point survives on its ‘core competence’ with remarkable consistency over the years 😎

When you are in Warangal don’t forget Alankar Idly Point !

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