Aruna Sairam at Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru December 2016

Chennayil Thiruvaiyaru. Kamarajar Arangam. 25 December 2016.

Painting pictures with words….err…music..

Some singers like Aruna Sairam and O S Arun mention the raga, composer’s name and, in some cases, context too.

Aruna Sairam, the gifted classical vocalist was at her energetic best at Kamarajar arangam yesterday and before rendering an abhang ( Marathi), Vrindavani Venu, she set the context-
“The scene is set in Vrindavan

. It is dusk and all the birds and the animals gather around the feet of Krishna.

The abhang is about the effect of Krishna’s footsteps on nature.

Listening to the sound of his feet, cattle and tigers forget that they are adversaries and sit side by side enchanted by his music and dance.”

Aruna Sairam – raiska friendly vocalist 🙏

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