Chumma Clicking !


Chumma in Tamil means ‘simply’ or ‘just like that’. And not Hindi ‘chumma’ which has a more interesting meaning !

Chumma Clicking feature will  include pictures shot at random without a story or theme. I have the habit of mostly carrying my camera and always with my smart phone Clicking at the slightest pretext. You may find the snaps not interconnected but as I told you, whimsical clicks !

Here is the first part of a series of Chumma Clicking !

A pigeon resting on the lap of Mahavishnu ! Bangalore. Nagrathpet area.

A ‘divine’ auto – goods carrier. Bangalore SP Road.

Back home after a long and tiring day. Near Hesaraghatta lake, Bangalore.

 Panjim Fish Market, Goa. December 2016.

A typical fisherwoman in the bustling Panjim market.

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