Old Magazine House – Ganeshgudi near Dandeli. A birding haven! Part 1

Old Magazine House (OMH)is an unlikely name for a birding resort but that’s exactly what it is,

 When I started bird photography I naively thought all I need to do is go with a camera and all the birds would line up,waiting to be clicked 😎 However, I realised it takes patience, hard work and meticulous planning to be able to get decent bird views.

 But OMH is a made to order birding resort. Five bird baths and a sprinkler stand aligned and an area marked for birders just a few feet away, And you can stand there and have the birds sit on a platter right before you. In two days you can get to see an average of 30 varieties of birds, some of them lifers !

 Managed by the govt of Karnataka’s Jungle Lodges, OMH is pure value for money. Great birding,sumptuous and tasty food,very knowledgeable guides, well appointed dorms and cottages and courteous staff.  It was a week day and there were only six of us and all of them had carried high end gear with tripods that would have cost a bomb.

I was feeling rather inadequate with my bridge camera Nikon Coolpix P900 but managed to get some decent results. I was inspired by Prit Kulkarni’s blog on Old Magazine House. Very vivid narration. Here are some of my clicks. More clicks and experiences in Part2

 Blue-capped Rock-thrush 
Oriental White-eye Orienatl Magpie Robin- Male
  Blyth’s Starling –
Indian Pitta 

 Emerald Dove – Male
Blue-capped Rocket-thrush- female
White bellied blue flycatcher

Brown-cheeked fullvetta
Tickell’s blue flycatcher
Red whiskered bulbul

Dark fronted babblers 

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