Brown Vine Snake! – Old Magazine House bird sanctuary,Ganeshgudi near Dandeli

Brown Vine snake. Old Magazine House, Ganeshgudi near Dandeli    We were returning from our morning walk and stopped near a tree as our guide had spotted a hornbill hovering around.   He instinctively turned around to see a brown vine snake  slithering quietly near us on the path.   I’ve heard of a green vine snake but this was rare.   Our guide said it was a rare sighting as they are hardly seen on the plains and generally prefer to hide under thick vegetation.   After clicking away, he gently nudged it into the bushes as there was the risk of being run over by passing vehicles.   WHAT A SIGHT!   Indian describes the brown vine snake with these characteristics.   “Very long & thin body & tail. Brown dorsal body patched with dark brown or blackish spots. Very thin snouted head of arrow or leaf like appearance.”   –

Brown Vine Snake
Leaf like appearance
A friend capturing the reptile
Guide at work
Slithering beauty


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