Keoladeo National Park or Bharatpur bird sanctuary Part 1

Bharatpur bird sanctuary or Keoladeo National Park is a world heritage site.

I was there for two days and stayed at the highly recommended IORA GUEST HOUSE. Neat. Affordable. Knowledgeable owner,Mr Devendra Singh. Tasty food. Classy ambience. 

IORA Guest House
Mr Devendra Singh, owner and a birder himself
Well appointed rooms

You need to hire a cycle rickshaw to enter the park, who charge Rs 100 per hour. In addition you may want to hire a guide @Rs 150 an hour. I was lucky that my rickshawala  turned out to be an birder himself, armed with a powerful set of binoculars that I didn’t have to hire an extra guide. He not only was knowledgeable but has an uncanny eye and ear, able to spot rare species at a distance. The only hitch is the rickshaw allotment works on a numbering system and you can’t choose your rickshaw. Speak to Mr Devendra Sigh and he will make sure you get an expert. Here is my friendly and helpful Mr Vishnu

Mr Vishnu,our birding guide  Day 1. I reached Bharatpur around 1pm. After a hearty lunch we reached the park by 2.30 pm. Vishnu took me to the immediate left of the park to show me an Owlet. He asked me to click and went around looking for some more birds when suddenly he froze and gestured to hurry up ! And at a distance,we saw a huge Indian Rock Python languishingafter a heavy meal, obvious by the bulge in the centre. I was too scared but managed to quickly click.   So, our ‘bird’ sanctuary visit strayed off with a Python !

Indian Rock Python
Indian Rock Python
Indian Rock Python

I will complete the animals list in this segment and devote Part 2 entirely for birds. This time it was the Monitor Lizard

Monitor Lizard
Monitor Lizard
Antelope with Sarus Cranes in the backdrop
A friendly squirrel
Sambar Deer

Well, these were the animals we encountered. The next part will carry exclusive bird pics, of which I got quite a decent haul, considering it was almost end-of-season. Thank you for travelling with me till here. See you in Part 2 

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