Keoladeo National Park Or Bharatpur bird sanctuary – Part 3

Indian Cormorant

Before I conclude the series on Bharatpur I must tell you about an extremely well documented blog by Pritesh Kulkarni I assiduously read his blog which helped me prepare well and made my trip worthwhile. In fact when my guide asked me if I’d wanted to see any particular birds, I confidently reeled off some names from his blog ! Thanks a lot for your meticulous capture, Pritesh. Here is my last set of captures from Bharatpur. Season is from November to February.

Black-winged Stilt
Painted Stork seated
Greater Coucal
Purple Heron
Purple Heron
Indian Darter
Eurasian Marsh Harrier
Great Egret
Red Watted Lapwig
Intermediate Egret
Greylag Geese
Magpie Robin
Jungle Babbler
Brown winged jacana
Striped Hen
Little Egret
Purple Swamp Hen
Darter with its catch
Darter with its catch
Yellow crowned woodpecker
Yellow crowned woodpecker
Wire-tailed swallow
Lesser whistling Teal
Rose- ringed Parakeet
Little Cormorant
Black necked Stork
Grey Heron with a leg up
Chestnut shouldered Petronia
Brown-winged jacana ( adult)
Yellow footed green pigeon
Sarus Crane in flight
Crested Serpent Eagle
Indian Grey Hornbill

Although it was end-of-season, I was happy with a rich haul of birds. Imagine the variety during Nov- Feb ?  I am gearing up to be there in December. Thank you for being with me till here.

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