My favourite photography locations in Singapore. Part 1 Jurong Bird Park

SINGAPORE!  – Sightseeng,,shopping,great culinary experience,astounding civic facilities and the factor of safety of roaming around the city at odd hours make this island so unmissable.

I was here on a five day work and conference jaunt.

Although there are many spots where you can go clicking, I focused on these five

1. Jurong Bird Park
2. Chinatown
3. Little India
4. Haji Lane
5. Clarke Quay area ( focus on MCI Building)

Jurong Park was on my unmistakable No. 1 on the list. With its dream landscaping and as ‘natural’ a setting as possible, a feast awaits photographers and birders here. I normally shy away from zoos and bird parks as you don’t really feel valiant clicking birds behind cages. But in Jurong Park, except for Penguins (obvious reasons of climate) and large birds like vultures and eagles you don’t find the rest of the inmates behind cages. Well, the fact is they are still enclosed with a net so high that you feel they are actually cavorting around in a forest.

Here is my collection. In this post I have added pictures of Jurong Bird Park only and will devote a post each for other locations in future.

How to reach Jurong Bird Park: By MRT – Take the East-West (Green Line) train towards Joo Koon station. Get off at Boon Lay station. Through Exit C go over to Boon Lay Bus Intercahnge by crossing Jurong Point shopping arcade. Take Bus 194 that will drop you at the Park gates.

Penguins showcased their n a temperature controlled enclosure,for obvious reasons.


This is an African Penguin that survives in harsher climates, much more active than their country cousins.







Don’t miss the ‘JUNGLE JEWELS’ area. A variety of colourful birds like starlings,parakeets, macaws will delight you as they fly around freely and give you ample cooprtunities as they settle down to feed.





Cotton top Tamarin. Tamarins are small monkeys which are found only in Central and Southern America.



Lori. Lories and lorikeets (tribe Loriini) are small to medium-sized arboreal parrots characterized by their specialized brush-tipped tongues for feeding on nectar of various blossoms and soft fruits, preferably berries ( Wikipedia)



Ostrich: one of the large flightless birds. It’s a treat to watch them sway and run. I distinctly remember a sequence in the movie ‘HATARI’ in which they were pictured enchantingly.


























School kids waiting for the bird show to begin.








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