My favourite photography locations in Singapore – Part 2 -CHINATOWN.

CHINATOWN, Singapore is a vibrant suburb bristling with activity.

How to reach: Take the North East (Purple) Line and get off at Chinatown and exit through Pagoda or Temple street and you will walk right into the colourful market street.
Lanterns adorn the pathways, curio shops abound. Great place to pick up souvenirs. And you have a Food Street that beckons with the aroma of Cantonese, Schezwan and what not cuisine sizzling past your nostrils.
All you need to do is walk and walk and no will find it odd that they are being photographed because the streets on kost days are filled with tourist-photographers jostling for space. And rightly so because of the colours and rich heritage this area carries.
For Indians,Chinatown houses Sri Mariamman temple one of the earliest Indu temples built on the island.
Make sure to revisit the town at night to capture the dazzling, four  storeyed Buddha Relic temple.
Wade through the shops and markets and you will be satiated with the shots you get.

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