Kondapalli Toys – Hidden Gems

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Kondapalli is a scenic village near Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
I was in Vijayawada in 2009 and having just got back from visiting Sri Kanakadurgamma Temple, I was wondering how to spend the rest of the day when a thoughtful waiter suggested I try some offbeat locations like Kuchipudi, famous for a form of classical dance and Kondapalli.
Kondapalli was much nearer and doable in a day.

A half hour local bus ride takes you to this placid village which is world famous for its eponymous dolls and toys.
Several generations ago craftsmen from Rajasthan migrated to Kondapalli and brought with them the art of toy making with local soft wood painted with vegetable dyes.

Kondapalli toys have spread worldwide with connoisseurs marvelling at the intricate details carved in a rich splendour of colours.

Orders an be placed through Lepakshi, the handicrafts emporium run by the government of Andhra Pradesh.
Lepakshi website: http://www.lepakshihandicrafts.gov.in

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